The items below relate to current and past activities in graphic design and photography.


My current activities as a graphic designer for print and web.

DOX Productions
Website for multi-award winning film and TV documentary production company.
Harvey and Wheeler
Website for Dulwich-based estate agent. Designed to be compliant with current best practice in web accessability and usability standards.

Hobbins Sides

From 1988 until 2002 I was part of an independent design agency specialising in moving image design and branding for film and television from its initial incarnation as Baxter Hobbins Sides and subsequently as Hobbins Sides.

This PDF file (4.9mb) documents some of the projects, a number of them award winning, I conceived, designed, and directed while working at Hobbins Sides and Baxter Hobbins Sides.
Press - Artsworld
PDF document (2.2mb) of a November 2000, Design Week front page story on the design of the Artsworld TV channel identity.
Press - Discovery Wings
PDF document (1.1mb) of a collection of cuttings on the design of the Discovery Wings TV channel.
Press - Premiere World
PDF document (0.5mb) of a September 1999, Design Week full page story on the design of the Premiere World digital TV platform.
Press - Sci-Fi
PDF document (4.8mb) of a number of stories on the re-design of the Sci-Fi Channel, October 1998.
Press - CGI Magazine Profile
PDF document (5.2mb) of a four page interview with me in CGI magazine, April 2000.


Immersive interactive virtual panoramas.
My flickr page - currently home to over 3,300 images and 22,000 views.