Travel the Earth to find natural wonders, uncover environmental disasters and see what has been done to try to improve the state of the planet.


Download the game file and open it in Google Earth. In the Google Earth sidebar open the GE Environment Game folder. Here you will see 36 links labelled as “square” and numbered 1 to 36. To start the game insure the radio button to the left of the link labelled “start” is on and then double click on this link.

You should now be looking at the whole Earth from a vantage point above north Africa.

Roll the dice.

In Google Earth count down the list of numbered “square” links the number rolled on the dice. Press the radio button by this link and double click on the link itself. You will be taken to your first location.

Near the location marker, which will have the same label as the link you clicked, on the surface of the Earth model you will find a second marker containing information. If you have arrived at a Natural Wonder throw the dice again to continue the game. If you have arrived at the site of an Environmental Disaster you will be instructed to move back to another square before throwing the dice again. If you have arrived at an Environmental Success then you will be instructed to move forward to a new square before throwing the dice again.

If you have moved either forwards or backwards to a new square make sure the radio button next to its link is on and double click on the link to travel to the location, before you throw the dice again.

To play the game you will need

Google Earth (version 4)
Download the latest version from Google

The Google Earth Environment Game
Click here to download the file directly to your desktop.

A dice
Click here to open a new window with a Flash based dice or use a real one.

Configuring Google Earth

For the game to work best it is essential that the terrain and 3D buildings layers are turned on in Google Earth.