Student from mainland China. Age 22 male, good spoken English, not so good written. Outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic web user - has MySpace, Facebook MSN presence. New to higher education in the UK and this is his first term living in Edinburgh studying e-learning. Parents paying for his studies. Full time student so can afford to spend more time than some working things out.

Xaio would like to check his course and see what he's supposed to do today.


Mature female English student married with teenage kids. Distance learner studying e-learning form home/work. Employed in Higher Education at University. Very experienced in learning and teaching not so experienced with new technology. Paying her own way. Busy with full time job and family so needs information presented clearly in order to make the most of her time.

Louise would like to find a couple of books she needs to read for her assignment.


Male thirty-something IT professional. Londoner working for large multinational, studying e-learning part time wanting to apply it in a work context. Employer is paying for his studies. Working full time and would like information presented clearly but can cope with a measure of obscurity due to his technical background. Lots of technological experience but new to education.

Suresh would like to plan his timetable so that he can manage his workload effectively.